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Samsung Machine Screw for SCH-U750 Verizon Alias 2, SCH-R330, SGH-I997 AT&T Infuse 4G Screws

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Product Description

Verizon Alias 2 Replacement Machine Screw

Samsung SCH-U750 Replacement Screws

US Cellular Stride Replacement Machine Screw

Tracfone Stride Replacement Machine Screws

Samsung SCH-R330 Replacement Screw

AT&T Infuse 4G Replacement Machine Screws

Samsung SGH-I997 Replacement Screw

CH + M1.4 L3.5 Nickel Plated Screws

Compatible Models:

E60, EKGN120A, GTB5510L, GTB7510L, GTC3050, GTC3300I, GTC3300K, GTE1155L, GTE2220, GTE2530, GTE2530L, GTE2600, GTI6210, GTI6230L, GTI9195, GTI9300, GTI9505, GTI9505G, GTM2310L, GTM2510, GTM3310, GTN8000, GTN8010, GTN8013, GTS3100, GTS3350, GTS3350L, GTS5570L, GTS5660, GTS5660M, SCHI200, SCHI220, SCHI535, SCHI545, SCHI545L, SCHI770, SCHI925, SCHL710, SCHLC11, SCHM828C, SCHR250, SCHR375C, SCHR390, SCHR390C, SCHR390X, SCHR460, SCHR470, SCHR530, SCHR530C, SCHR530M, SCHR530X, SCHR600, SCHR720, SCHR970, SCHR970C, SCHR970X, SCHS380C, SCHS720C, SCHS738C, SCHS960C, SCHU350, SCHU350P, SCHU360, SCHU360P, SCHU640, SCHU650, SCHU660, SCHU750, SGHA107, SGHA177, SGHA257, SGHA667T, SGHA687, SGHA797, SGHA886, SGHA887, SGHA897, SGHC270, SGHC275L, SGHC276L, SGHD900, SGHI187, SGHI257, SGHI257M, SGHI337, SGHI337M, SGHI537, SGHI677, SGHI727R, SGHI747, SGHI747M, SGHI757M, SGHI927R, SGHI997R, SGHJ700I, SGHJ700L, SGHM919, SGHM919N, SGHM919V, SGHS150G, SGHS730G, SGHS730M, SGHT139, SGHT239, SGHT356, SGHT359, SGHT404, SGHT469, SGHT469V, SGHT499V, SGHT499Y, SGHT559, SGHT746, SGHT749, SGHT929, SGHT989, SGHT989D, SGHT999, SGHT999N, SGHT999V, SGHU900, SGHU900L, SGHV820L, SHCZ140S, SMG360P, SMG870A, SMN9005, SMN900A, SMN900P, SMN900V, SMS820L, SPHD710, SPHL300, SPHL710, SPHL720, SPHM330, SPHM340, SPHM400, SPHM550, SPHM810, SPHM820, SWDM100, YPG1CW, YPG1CWY, YPG70CW, YPG70CWY, YPQ3AB, YPQ3AW

GT-B5510 Galaxy Y Pro, GT-B5512 Galaxy Y Pro Duos, GT-B7510 Galaxy Pro, GT-B7620, GT-B7722, SGH-C270, GT-C3050, GT-C3110, GT-C3222 Chat 322, GT-C3300, GT-C3330 Champ 2, GT-C3750, GT-C6112, GT-E1150, GT-E1360, GT-E2600, SM-G7105 Galaxy Grand 2 LTE, GT-I6410, GT-I8160 Galaxy Ace 2, GT-I8350 Omnia W, GT-I8530 Galaxy Beam, GT-I9103 Galaxy R, GT-I9195 Galaxy S4 Mini, GT-I9195i Galaxy S4 Mini Value Edition,Galaxy S4 Mini Plus, GT-I9300 Galaxy S3, GT-I9305 Galaxy S3 LTE, GT-I9500 Galaxy S4, GT-I9505 Galaxy S4, GT-I9515 Galaxy S4 Value Edition,GT-I9515 Galaxy S4 VE, SGH-J700i, GT-M2510, GT-M3200, GT-M7500, GT-M8800, SM-N7505 Galaxy Note 3 Neo,Note 3 Neo LTE+, GT-S3030, GT-S3100, GT-S3350 Chat 335, GT-S3500, GT-S3550, GT-S3850 Corby 2, GT-S5050, GT-S5150, GT-S5260, GT-S5350, GT-S5550, GT-S5570 Galaxy Mini, GT-S5660 Galaxy Gio, GT-S7230 Wave 723, GT-S7330, GT-S7550, SGH-U900 Soul, GT-N8000 Galaxy Note 10.1, GT-N8010 Galaxy Note 10.1, GT-N8020 Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE, GT-P7100 Galaxy Tab 10.1v

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