When an Apple product malfunctions or stops working, it no longer delivers the multi-media and practical uses that we have all grown to rely on. Most people want their iPhone, iPad or iPod fixed as quickly as possible. This is where Cellphone Repair Shop comes in. We can fix your broken or damaged iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad in a short period of time and even offer expedited rush service! Below are the Apple products and services which we offer:

Apple iPhone Repair Services: You will need to choose one of our iPhone repair services if your Apple iPhone is not functioning properly. We repair all Apple iPhone generations including: the original iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and the newest addition, the iPhone 4S. For people who have an older model that has been discontinued such as the original iPhone or the iPhone 3G, we can still fix it – send in your iPhone for diagnosis and repair by choosing from one of the following services: iPhone LCD Screen Repair, iPhone Touch Screen Glass Repair, Water Damage Repair, Keypad Repair, iPhone Charge Port Repair, No Power Overheating and Shorting Out Repair, Earpiece Speaker or Microphone Repair, Hands-free Loud Speaker, Ringer/Music Repair, Housing Case, headset, SIM Card Connector Repair, iPhone Battery replacement, iPhone Video and Camera Repair, Vibrator Repair Services and WiFi and Bluetooth Repair.

Apple iPhone Parts: We are the one stop shop for OEM Apple iPhone parts and rank number one in the United States for offering the highest quality iPhone replacement parts. Our huge inventory with thousands of cellphone parts, including Apple iPhone parts, ensures we are able to take care of our customers quickly and efficiently. OEM Apple iPhone parts are available to purchase with or without purchasing a repair service. This means that DIY Apple iPhone repair customers can get the exact iPhone part they need at an affordable price.

Apple iPod Touch Repair Services: The iPod Touch, also referred to as the iTouch, is another Apple product that Cellphone Repair Shop fixes. The iPod Touch models include generations 1-4. Whether you have the first generation, the fourth generation, or somewhere in between, we can get it up and running for you again with one of our iPod Touch repair services. Our iPod Touch services include: Apple iPod WiFi and Bluetooth Signal Repair, Vibrator Repair, iPod Touch LCD Screen Repair, iTouch Screen Glass Repair, iPod Touch Charge Port Repair, Camera and Video Repair, iPod Touch Battery Replacement, Headset Jack Repair, Housing Case Repair, iPod Touch Overheating-Shorting Out and No Power Repair, Microphone Audio Receiver Repair, Ringer/Music Player Repair and iTouch Keypad Repair. Each of these services is completed by highly trained technician that will be in contact with you every step of the way.

Apple iPod Touch Parts: Like our iPhone Parts, our iTouch Parts are made of the same high quality. We carry lots of OEM Apple iPod Touch parts in stock to repair customers iPod Touch devices as well as sell to those who would like to fix an iPod Touch themselves. As the number one OEM iPod Touch parts supplier in the United States, we have proven to be highly reliable in getting the Apple part to the customer as quickly as possible.

Apple iPad Repair Services: Our Apple iPad repair services are simple – for a flat rate, we will diagnose and repair your iPad. The only other additional cost that arises is if you need a replacement part. Another great feature about our Apple iPad Repair Service is that if your iPad has multiple problems, you only have to pay one diagnosis and repair fee! Our iPad Services include: Apple iPad LCD Screen Repair, iPad Touch Screen Glass Repair and iPad Water Damage Repair and more. All of our services are conducted by highly trained technicians that have years of experience with a wide range of devices.

Apple iPad Parts: Looking for a specific OEM Apple iPad part? We have just what you are looking for! Cellphone Repair Shop offers OEM iPad Repair parts if you want to fix your Apple iPad or if you would like to have one of our professionals fix it for you. Here you will find Apple replacement parts such as the iPad 2 Front Touch Screen Assembly with Touch Screen Digitizer and Flex Cable in black and white.

Apple iPhone Unlocking and Apple Jailbreak: We offer the service to unlock or jailbreak your Apple iPhone. We can unlock or jailbreak most Apple iPhone models including the Apple iPhone 2G, iPhone 3GS, Apple iPhone 3G and the Apple iPhone 4. Attempting to unlock or jailbreak an Apple iPhone could lead to damaging your iPhone. If you are not trained in unlocking an iPhone, please send it to Cellphone Repair Shop and let one of our technicians do it for you.

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