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Mail-in Nationwide Cellphone Repair

Our online Mail-In Cellphone Repair is the most popular choice for consumers who are in need of fast affordable cellphone repairs. Don't just replace your cellphone when it's damaged - Let us fix it instead and save.

The online repair process is very easy and it's broken down into 3 easy steps. Following these simple steps will get your phone diagnosed, repaired and back to you in working order quickly. Repairing a cellphone has never been easier!

How Does Cellphone Repair Work?

Step 1 : Go to the Cellphone Repair section.

Step 2 : Choose the cellphone repair service that best describes the malfunction phone.

Step 3 : Follow the shipping instructions and send your cellphone to us for repair.

Who Can Use the Mail-In Cellphone Repair Service?

We are a nationwide cellphone repair center and fix cellphones throughout the United States. Our national cellular phone repair facility is centrally located in Glendale, California.

What Cellphone Manufacturer's Phones Do You Repair?

We repair Cellphones, iPods and tablets made by Apple, Blackberry, Garmin, HTC, Huawaei, Kyocera, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Palm, Pantech, Samsung, Sharp, Sidekick and Sony.

What Cellphone Repair Services Are Offered Via Mail-In?

Our company has been performing mail-in cellphone repair services for years and has been highly successful at diagnosing, repairing and retuning a variety of manufacturers cell phones in a timely manner. We understand that being without a cellphone can greatly interfere with your personal and business life. We work hard to get the repaired cellphone back into your hands as quickly as possible.